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The Nanuk Technologies founding team have always viewed video game production as one of the most creative things people can do in the sense that we get full control over elements that are all so important. When virtual reality technology was introduced, it gave our team a chance to take how we experience our own worlds to a new level. Since then, we have began a life-long journey of exploring virtual reality technology with efforts of creating the most immersive experiences known.

While this is a great concept for lovers of the technology, it does not currently convey true realism. Virtual reality can be expensive, intimidating, and a big change for most people; but it isn’t meant to be that way. We are here to create experiences that work and experiences that help ease people into using virtual reality in their everyday lives.

We started Nanuk Technologies to more effectively distribute these projects to markets that are proven to benefit from implementing useful virtual reality software – not just ‘party tricks’. Nanuk takes our burning passion for designing comfortable, affordable, and realistic visual solutions and brings them to real estate; a market proven for high opportunity and profitability.


Jake Moore
Co-founder & CEO

Diogo Farinho
Co-founder & CTO

Mike Cyr
Co-founder & COO


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Our mission is to save real estate developers time and money by delivering the most cutting edge virtual reality solutions in the market, allowing them to expedite their sales & development process.

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