What Our Clients Say

"Nanuk Technologies is an exciting, cutting edge VR company with a focus on customer service and is changing the way the real estate industry operates. We took a chance on them as an early stage company, and we couldn’t be happier with the products and services they provided.

I would recommend this company to anyone out there that is looking to push the boundaries of the status quo. Beyond the technology, these guys are quality. They work harder than the rest, and have fun while doing it.

I may be a biased opinion, but the renderings they did are clearly the best product on the market.

Thanks again guys."

Carlisle Norwood

Sales Director, Grafton Park

“We were very pleased with the detail that went into suite plans for two of our new developments. The renders really make a difference when working with a prospect to find their new home. The team at Nanuk was extremely professional and able to deliver on tight timelines. Would highly recommend this service to new developers to help differentiate themselves in competitive markets.”


“Nanuk Technologies’ virtual reality solutions have allowed us to walk potential homebuyers through a home that has not even been built. Their attention to detail and commitment to quality make it hard to believe that the tours are computer generated.

Our experience in dealing with Nanuk has been very positive. Throughout the process of creating our virtual tours, the team was responsive, adaptive and creative.”

Armco Capital

Working with Nanuk Tech has been seamless. They provide quality renderings with a speedy turnover and we most appreciate their patience, notion of understanding, and attention to detail when tweaking is required!

Provident Developments


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Our mission is to save real estate developers time and money by delivering the most cutting edge virtual reality solutions in the market, allowing them to expedite their sales & development process.

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